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peach wähe

by Eva Felis on August 1, 2013

It’s the Swiss National Day today! I have an ode to the Swiss cuisine on my mind, to tell the truth, I wished I had one. But I bet you are not honestly interested in my lyrics. You are here for the food, so am I. Swiss cuisine is so much more than fondue and Weiterlesen



German peach streusel cake

by Eva Felis on August 15, 2012

There are things that would force me to get up early on a weekend day like tornado siren, earthquake or fire alarm. But there are also some enjoyable circumstances like the scent of freshly brewed coffee waving into my bedroom and tinkling my nose (hint!) or the anticipated trip to a peach orchard.
Since our visit Weiterlesen



onion pie

by Eva Felis on July 5, 2012

Yes I am aware of that onion pie is a fall staple and this is neither the right month nor the right season for it. But this is the time for sitting on the porch with friends with a cold beer and wine (works with both) and I presume onion pie is perfect for putting Weiterlesen



carrot bread with poppy seeds

by Eva Felis on March 3, 2012

This is me adapting my own recipe. Actually that’s what I do all the time, there is not one recipe that I would call completed. Not one that stays as it is.  There is always something I like to change or swap, apples for pears, raisins for dried cranberries just to start easy. But I Weiterlesen