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luscious chocolate covered marzipan cake

by Eva Felis on April 3, 2015

Yes another marzipan recipe. Marzipan is my favorite fruit. Sounds nuts? It’s basically made of sugar and almonds and because almonds are the seed of drupes… According to this is marzipan a fruit, at least in my little world. That’s settled!



marzipan budino with caramelized applesauce

by Eva Felis on February 23, 2015

Atlanta had its share of winter weather alerts and cold fronts this year. We experienced some freezing nights alternated with spring-like days. I enjoyed the few warm afternoons outside, eagerly soaking up enough sun to compensate for the rain, ice and snow. And there is one more thing that brought me through the winter, the Weiterlesen



raspberry-marzipan coffee cake

by Eva Felis on July 7, 2014

This raspberry-marzipan coffee cake is long gone, its life span had been cut short – literally cut in pieces – and is countable in hours, certainly not days. The minute I moved it from the oven to a rack to cool, I almost attacked it with a knife. I could hardly pull myself together to Weiterlesen



orange marzipan cake

by Eva Felis on February 18, 2014

This orange marzipan cake turned out to be striking and a good example of opposites attract. The orange segments are rather tart and lost their sweetness as expected. And that’s a good thing for the reason that this was exactly what the marzipan cake wished for. If you don’t care for oranges, try tart apples Weiterlesen



cherry and marzipan pound cake

by Eva Felis on August 8, 2012

Growing up I got the notion that cinnamon, gingerbread and marzipan belongs to Christmas season and only Christmas season. Also Christmas cookies which might be eaten in January, in case there are any leftovers, just didn’t taste right even if they taste the same like a few days earlier. As though they would have gone Weiterlesen



prune cake with marzipan streusel

by Eva Felis on August 24, 2010

Blue prunes (Italian plum, damson, any right?) in Germany called Zwetschgen or Pflaumen, are not easy to get in the midwest. So I was quite happy as I found some at our nearby grocery store. I haven’t eaten a prune cake since two years and it is one of my favorites. Can you imagine how Weiterlesen