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hazelnut-chocolate macaroons

by Eva Felis on December 2, 2015

In the mood for Christmas already anyone? I know it’s about time, but the weather is nicely warm in Atlanta and my mini me inside my head is still talking about pumpkins and fall. I still haven’t set up any holiday decoration, usually I can’t wait for it. Yet I baked these hazelnut-chocolate macaroons, let’s Weiterlesen



oatmeal hazelnut and cranberry cookies {gluten free}

by Eva Felis on October 30, 2015

Earlier this week an incident caused a need for these oatmeal hazelnut and cranberry cookies {gluten free}. But let me explain…  A couple of maintenance trucks rolled down the street and stopped right under my window. Soon a few guys jumped out and decorated the street with orange traffic cones. One of them positioned himself Weiterlesen



applesauce tiramisu

by Eva Felis on March 12, 2014

The majority of people who come into our life, don’t stay. They hang around for months or even years, until we move on or they do. They are former classmates, neighbors and coworkers. Afterwards most of them disappear from our sight. Often they don’t leave more behind than fading memories, not all of them are Weiterlesen



hazelnut streusel loaf cake

by Eva Felis on January 29, 2013

It’s been a while since my last post. And the one before had also been later than usually. This is not me moaning and telling you I have a creative break down or I lost my writing juices. In fact my creativity is overwhelming recently and I wrote several brilliant posts but just in my Weiterlesen



flourless chocolate cake with cranberries

by Eva Felis on November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving guys! I hope you all have a great day. My day started with morning coffee in my bed, the sun was shining and I had this comforting certainty for once not to hurry through the day. I had this flourless chocolate cake with cranberries for breakfast and just wasted the day, read some Weiterlesen



brown butter and hazelnut scones

by Eva Felis on November 8, 2012

Yesterday I was pretty proud about my workout. Today I walk as elegant as a cowboy after a long day on his horse’ back. My muscles are soar and it takes me double the time to get up from a chair. Let me tell you about my gym, now that I am about to move Weiterlesen



sand cake with nuts and a little rum

by Eva Felis on October 25, 2012

This cake was made for traveling. We had been on the road again and I was looking for a treat, that would keep us going behind the steering wheel for so many hours. Although chocolate cake is my favorite, it is not safe for car seats and pants and causes smudgy fingers. Chocolate is a Weiterlesen



carrot, hazelnut and tahini cake with lime cream cheese frosting

by Eva Felis on September 20, 2012

Did you miss me last week? I took a week off, actually two weeks because the last post had been a guest post from the lovely Sandy from confiture de vivre.
The truth is and I am just saying it: I was busy but in a positive way. My family had been visiting me, I had Weiterlesen



plum galette for one or maybe two

by Eva Felis on August 23, 2012

Mr. F is traveling and I am home alone. The truth is and I am just saying it: I like to be on my own once in a while. Growing up in a big family and a house equally busy like the NYC subway at rush hour crunch and with a tendency to a nut Weiterlesen



hazelnut and brown butter granola

by Eva Felis on June 22, 2012


Some weeks ago I had been in our library, walking up and down the shelves full of cookbooks, an old book about how Germans eat, cook and what they like for every meal of the day, caught my intention. The pictures showed meat, sausage and ham in bulks, the author mentioned Germans like abundant meals Weiterlesen