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pickly pickles

by Eva Felis on August 11, 2013

Growing up my parents had been tending a Schrebergarten (community garden) in our hometown in Germany. This garden was not part of one of those gardening communities, where they constantly check if you cut your grass accurately and you find some (actually many) of them strangely decorated with garden gnomes and plastic deer. Not at Weiterlesen



salmon and cucumber – the appetizer

by Eva Felis on March 20, 2012

Visiting my family in Germany itself is a happy event, the other thing is the food. I always have a long must-eat-list and a not shorter nice-to-have-list, usually I manage them both. I know in advance I have to cut back sweet treats for a while after returning home. In addition to my superb and Weiterlesen



apple cucumber salad

by Eva Felis on January 9, 2012

Usually I would have a desire for hot soup this time of the year. The calendar says it’s winter but outside it’s warm and sunny, strange weather isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining, love it. A couple of days ago I splurged on tea. The lady in the store told me: Weiterlesen