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tipsy black cherry shake

by Eva Felis on July 31, 2015

Sorry kiddos this one is for grown ups only.  Although this tipsy black cherry shake looks innocent like a virgin, it’s boozy. And not overly sweet at all.
Getting into business with this tipsy shakes is like opening Pandora’s box, once you started and there is still vanilla ice cream in the freezer, there will be Weiterlesen



bad reputation

by Eva Felis on June 23, 2014

Some moons ago we celebrated Mr. F’s birthday at Holeman & Finch Public House. We always enjoy their food, in fact they score high on every best burger list nationwide. Today we are not here to talk burger unfortunately, I would love to lay my hands on their recipe… We are talking about a cocktail: Weiterlesen



double banana & cherry breakfast cake

by Eva Felis on January 15, 2013

Heads up this might change your life! Stuff your mum didn’t told you and never will: it is totally fine to have cake for breakfast! Didn’t know that? You are welcome!
I kind of told the news at the front door and revealed already in the post title that we are talking about serious breakfast cake Weiterlesen



cherry and marzipan pound cake

by Eva Felis on August 8, 2012

Growing up I got the notion that cinnamon, gingerbread and marzipan belongs to Christmas season and only Christmas season. Also Christmas cookies which might be eaten in January, in case there are any leftovers, just didn’t taste right even if they taste the same like a few days earlier. As though they would have gone Weiterlesen



cherry and cinnamon vodka

by Eva Felis on July 17, 2012

“You are like your mother!” Depending on your mum this could be a compliment or someone is asking for trouble. I like to say this to Mr. F then he shows his ‘gem sensitive’ side. I grew up eating sand in the sandbox as a baby and climbing on trees as soon I could reach Weiterlesen