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roasted cauliflower and kale pie with potato crust

by Eva Felis on November 1, 2012

We survived Halloween! Everything went fast. Everything! Unbelievable fast. This time I was well prepared, there is not much to do anyway. Get a load of candies, put everything in a bowl, wait for the door bell. I make it short, we all know the process. Do we? I have to admit I felt a Weiterlesen



roasted veggies with browned butter

by Eva Felis on March 13, 2012

After spending a few days out of town some of you might come home with a coffee-table book from Burned Water, Arizona or Mosquito Ville, Vermont. Of cause this is the right thing to do…After a few days in Dallas I am coming back with a cauliflower and a bag full of sweet potatoes. Am Weiterlesen