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leftover oatmeal cake (better than its reputation)

by Eva Felis on February 27, 2013

It is not my fault that I am craving sweets constantly, it’s the C21 H30 O5. Yes cortisol generally known as stress hormone. Sounds like a flimsy excuse? In this case I would never admit that you are right!
As I usually don’t want to buy something to eat on the run and I know I’ll Weiterlesen



carrot, hazelnut and tahini cake with lime cream cheese frosting

by Eva Felis on September 20, 2012

Did you miss me last week? I took a week off, actually two weeks because the last post had been a guest post from the lovely Sandy from confiture de vivre.
The truth is and I am just saying it: I was busy but in a positive way. My family had been visiting me, I had Weiterlesen



carrot bread with poppy seeds

by Eva Felis on March 3, 2012

This is me adapting my own recipe. Actually that’s what I do all the time, there is not one recipe that I would call completed. Not one that stays as it is.  There is always something I like to change or swap, apples for pears, raisins for dried cranberries just to start easy. But I Weiterlesen



carrot-poppy seed-oat-bread

by Eva Felis on June 28, 2010

There is a big thing going on about bread in Germany. You can get there the biggest variety of breads and the other sorts like rolls (Broetchen) and pastries. One reason
may be it is the biggest bread-eating nation. I grow up while eating a lot of sandwiches. There is no right translation for what we Weiterlesen