luscious chocolate covered marzipan cake

by Eva Felis on April 3, 2015

mazipan cake_gluten free

Yes another marzipan recipe. Marzipan is my favorite fruit. Sounds nuts? It’s basically made of sugar and almonds and because almonds are the seed of drupes… According to this is marzipan a fruit, at least in my little world. That’s settled! Read more >>


I need to tell you…

by Eva Felis on March 18, 2015

Eva @ 1BigBite-
Hey friends! I need to tell you something and I should have done this much earlier. I announced in the 2015 blog post, that things are going to change, but also stay the same. No, I am not trying to be mysterious here. Read more >>


collard greens, black eyed peas and ham hock gratin

by Eva Felis on March 8, 2015

beans, collard greens and ham hocks-2175

My mum never insisted on me eating my vegetables. Although she made sure that I eat something at all, it was always up to me what I put on my plate. This might give you the idea I grew up on chocolate and spaghetti, but it wasn’t like that at least most of the time. She made me want to eat healthy. She tricked me into eating vegetable loaded meals, which were luring with some sort of meat or melted cheese. My mum is good in hiding healthy under irresistible stuff, like broccoli with a Hollandaise sauce or cauliflower with browned butter and roasted seasoned breadcrumbs.



St. Simons Island is for lovers

by Eva Felis on February 27, 2015

St. Simons Iland-7217

St. Simons Iland-7221

Hello friends! I would like to send you into your weekend with some pictures of my days on St. Simons Island earlier this month. But even if your precious free days are already over and you are sitting at your desk over a cup of almost tolerable coffee… Stay tuned the next weekend is certain to come and help is on the way.



marzipan budino with caramelized applesauce

by Eva Felis on February 23, 2015

marzipan budino caramelized applesauce-2101

Atlanta had its share of winter weather alerts and cold fronts this year. We experienced some freezing nights alternated with spring-like days. I enjoyed the few warm afternoons outside, eagerly soaking up enough sun to compensate for the rain, ice and snow. And there is one more thing that brought me through the winter, the thought of Italy and creamy budino. Think of budino as my rewarding system, one time walking the dog with icy wind on my face, leads in one budino and that’s just fair. Imagine I add rain to this and hello two bowls of budino. This is how ugly winter weather works for me.



kung pao brussels sprouts

by Eva Felis on February 11, 2015

Kung Pao brussel sprouts-2037

I can’t believe it’s already two years ago since I moved to Atlanta. It gladdens me that it feels like home to me by now. One of the first things I learned is, Southerners are big in eating and enjoying good food. Restaurants are on every corner, new ones seem to pop up every week and recommendations where and what to eat, are given by everyone at every occasion. At the beginning I lost track and I started to write all this down. Yes it’s that overwhelming and almost insane. If someone comes to Atlanta and reports he hadn’t had good food, he did it wrong. Read more >>


roasted chicken breasts with honey, rosemary and red wine

by Eva Felis on January 31, 2015

chicken breast, red wine, honey


Thanks to the minimal hands on time, roasting a chicken is one of my favorite weeknight dinners. And on the other hand you prepare a comforting meal for one or two more days to come. Having said this however my enthusiasm for the chicken breast was rather limited and I only found it interesting bathed in sauces. Claiming a juicy leg of a roasted chicken made just so much more sense. While the dark meat needs longer to cook, the white parts are done, already low in fat and tend to dry out. Until recently this was accepted in my house without objection and used as an excuse to mess around with condiments. I wouldn’t go that far and say, whole chicken days are over, but these roasted chicken breasts with honey, rosemary and red wine are a much faster and not less enjoyable approach to satisfy my hunger. I actually used red wine in this recipe because I opened a bottle and could not enjoy this one, but wasn’t willing to give up on it either. I am sure white wine might also work just fine. If you join me in with the red wine use a light bodied, less tannin like Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. While shopping for the chicken breasts look for rather smaller ones, they cook even faster. Read more >>


lemony red beet and sweet potato soup

by Eva Felis on January 22, 2015

red beet + sweet potato-soup

You can’t beat a bowl of hot soup on a cold winter’s day. That’s what they say. Although only the calendar says it’s winter, yet it’s feels like spring in Atlanta these days. I’ll take it and this soup too. If red velvet cake would be a soup, it would be this red beet and sweet potato soup! This is one of the best vegetable soups I’ve ever made. It is thick and silky and the flavor is outstanding. Holy red – look at this color!



candied pear slices

by Eva Felis on January 14, 2015

candied pears

Recently I found candied pear pieces in my baby spinach salad, in good company with pecans and crumbled gorgonzola. After I picked and enjoyed all the sweet pieces, piled up on my fork with the nuts and cheese, it came to my mind, what if the pieces would be slices and the thin sugar coating would be a thicker candy like cover? That would be dessert. You see I didn’t spend a second thought about the greens… This is how my brain works. Read more >>



by Eva Felis on January 3, 2015

2015 happy new year

Happy New Year!