lemony red beet and sweet potato soup

by Eva Felis on January 22, 2015

red beet + sweet potato-soup

You can’t beat a bowl of hot soup on a cold winter’s day. That’s what they say. Although only the calendar says it’s winter, yet it’s feels like spring in Atlanta these days. I’ll take it and this soup too. If red velvet cake would be a soup, it would be this red beet and sweet potato soup! This is one of the best vegetable soups I’ve ever made. It is thick and silky and the flavor is outstanding. Holy red – look at this color!



candied pear slices

by Eva Felis on January 14, 2015

candied pears

Recently I found candied pear pieces in my baby spinach salad, in good company with pecans and crumbled gorgonzola. After I picked and enjoyed all the sweet pieces, piled up on my fork with the nuts and cheese, it came to my mind, what if the pieces would be slices and the thin sugar coating would be a thicker candy like cover? That would be dessert. You see I didn’t spend a second thought about the greens… This is how my brain works. Read more >>



by Eva Felis on January 3, 2015

2015 happy new year

Happy New Year!



quickly pickled red onions

by Eva Felis on November 27, 2014

quickly pickled red onions-4

Quickly pickled red onions saved me from going through my life without the joy of this layered vegetable all together. I had missed onions, not talking about their side effects like bad breath and daylong aftertaste, both goes hand in hand with a overdose of breath mints. But you have to give me that, they complete a stew and a few onion rings look very good on your burger. When I started cooking on my own, peeling onions had been almost always a part of the process. All this changed with Mr. F in my life, who is not eating any kind of onions and suddenly I find myself going through onion-free weeks unintentionally. Most of the time it’s convenience and here is how this quickly pickled red onions join the game. Read more >>


pan-fried kale, cannellini beans with salami

by Eva Felis on November 17, 2014

tangy kale, white bean, salami_-5


Although I already live in the big ATL, urban getaways are still on the top of my list. Last weekend I got the opportunity to spend a few days in Nashville, TN and I was all in. If you think about Nashville and think nothing but country music, you have no idea what you are missing out. For sure Nashville is called Music City not without a (damn good) reason but this city also offers an amazing wide range of restaurants with outstanding Southern cuisine, trendy shops, thriving neighborhoods, cozy coffee shops and of cause honky tonks with all day and night live music. But this here is not a tourist guide, this is about the great dinner I had at City House which inspired me to this pan-fried kale, cannellini beans with salami. Imagine one half of your parents is from Italy and the other from the Southern US and you have a knack for cocktails, this is what dinner at City House looks like.



stuffed cabbage

by Eva Felis on November 3, 2014

stuffed cabbage-3Last weekend a cold front from Canada had approached and lived up to its promise for snow in the Appalachian Mountains and yet unusual cold weather for us in Atlanta. I wouldn’t dare to say this out loud, but I had been waiting for that. I should mention to my defense, I am not getting excited about cold feet and icy cold wind. Not at all! On the other hand how does wrapping up in a blanket, hot tea and a good book sound to you? Cozy and comforting! That’s what I am talking about. There is just one thing missing to complete the picture, hearty food the way my mum makes it. I had stuffed cabbage on my mind for weeks, indeed I had been eagerly anticipating cooler weather. Stuffed cabbage may not sound that sexy but they look promising on your plate and they are very satisfying in your belly. This recipe takes a little more effort than the usual dinner preparation but it’s just two more steps and its not complicated at all. Read more >>


establish your oatmeal routine

by Eva Felis on October 8, 2014

steel-cut oatmeal


Routines are important, especially in the early morning of a working day. Where would I be without routines? I am afraid nowhere, most likely never leaving my bed or rushing out of the door without having brushed my teeth and forgotten most of all the other important things, like breakfast. That’s the reason why someone invented routines and I am grateful for that. One of my Sunday night routines is making a truckload overnight steel-cut oats, enough for Mr. F and me for the upcoming week. It takes just five minutes to accomplish a healthy breakfast for several days to come. Overnight steel-cut oats are as simple as my breakfast routine can get. I know what you think, oats every morning all week, sounds boring. It’s actually not, because my oatmeal tastes different every day. I am not going to tell you how many various kinds of fruits, seeds or nut butters you can stir into your oats, that’s up to you and would miss today’s subject. But consider it stirring into Greek yoghurt, that’s one of my favorites recently. Read more >>


damson vodka

by Eva Felis on September 17, 2014

damson vodka

The plum season is almost over and I didn’t dare to hope finding damson plums on the farmers market this year. But voilà they had been sitting in a wicker basket, just a few of them. I assumed they had been waiting for me. Read more >>


spicy marinated pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon

by Eva Felis on September 4, 2014

spicy marinated pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon

Pork tenderloin doesn’t get as much attention as it should. I am also guilty as charged, I rather enjoy a leaner piece of meat than a fat dripping pork belly -uh- makes my stomach sick and sits in my belly heavy like a stone. But I used to prefer chicken breast or turkey burger and omit the pork tenderloin. Not on purpose and then again yes, no excuses. I think I had just too much of those overcooked and dry shoe soles, best case scenario served with a thick sauce or garlic butter. Beside being extra lean, pork tenderloin is also very versatile and used in many kitchens all over the world and doesn’t have to be dry and though at all.



my eats and drinks in Berlin

by Eva Felis on August 27, 2014

Berlin food

Obviously I took a little summer break from my website and just as well from my kitchen – rather unintended due to the heat. Sorry I kind of sneak out without telling you, the days before my trip had been crazy and the time afterwards had been worst. Where does all this laundry come from? Clean clothes are the least of my problems. Did I mention post vacation days are more than crazy?

I visited my family in Germany and I had a jolly good time. I planned and anticipated this trip for many good reasons, particularly spending time with my family and being spoiled with mom’s home cooked meals. There is nothing out there, that beats home cooked food, especially child hood favorites. Being the list-maker I am, I filled pages in my notebook with things to do, things to eat (this one for my mom obviously), things to bring to Germany and things to bring from Germany to Atlanta. On the other side, I didn’t plan what to eat during my stay in Berlin, my vacation while on vacation. I spend a couple of days with my parents and my two sisters in Berlin and would love to share some of the eats and drinks I enjoyed during my stay. They are all snapshots, please be forbearing! My family is not known for being patient in front of a plate and I had to hurry to get some pictures. Read more >>