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I need to tell you…

by Eva Felis on March 18, 2015

Hey friends! I need to tell you something and I should have done this much earlier. I announced in the 2015 blog post, that things are going to change, but also stay the same. No, I am not trying to be mysterious here.




by Eva Felis on January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!



my big fat Greek Easter Sunday

by Eva Felis on April 22, 2014

I was pretty excited about this year’s Easter Sunday, because I knew it is going to be quite different than the usual egg hunt day. I celebrated my first Greek Easter feast at my friend’s house. Preparation had been going on for days and I can tell you, if Greeks celebrate, they do it big and proper. Weiterlesen



About shooting food…

by Eva Felis on February 3, 2014

Last weekend I attended the Food Blog South conference in Birmingham, Alabama. It had been the second time for me and it is always fun to talk to like-minded blogger. This year’s speakers had been interesting, funny and helpful and I came home with pages full of scribbled notes. While I was unpacking my bags, Weiterlesen



Farewell 2013

by Eva Felis on December 31, 2013

Since a couple of days ago I am on vacation and therefore sadly not able to serve you a treat/recipe today. I am staying with my family on a tropical island with all day cocktails on our hands… just kidding… We are all on Hilton Head Island, just a couple of hours away from Atlanta Weiterlesen



link love in bullet points

by Eva Felis on April 11, 2013

Atlanta is in full bloom. These are the days between cozy cardigans and shorts. I wish I would have been better prepared for this. I am still unpacking some of the last moving boxes and finally discovered the needed summery clothes! Oh and I found my Easter decoration, bunny you are too late for the Weiterlesen



How to have more fun hosting a weeknight dinner party and pesto bread

by Eva Felis on March 26, 2013

We love our friends and would like to see them more often, but there is already not enough weekend left for family and hobbies. So you are waiting for an invitation for a weeknight? Maybe everyone is waiting for everybody else. You could be the first to wing it and start a regular thing. Don’t Weiterlesen



link love in bullet points

by Eva Felis on March 5, 2013

I am back in business! If you are hanging around here for a while, you might have sensed, it had been quite in this small place in the internet. Well moving further to the right on the map to Georgia and remodeling a house, took away all my spare time, all the remaining time and Weiterlesen




by Eva Felis on October 31, 2012

If you get frightened easily or I even spooked you with my headline, please go and leave this post. Oh boy! Halloween must be the worst time of the year for you. I grew up in Germany celebrating carnival and dressing up as a cat (we all had been cats at some point in our Weiterlesen



basil infused oil

by Eva Felis on October 19, 2012

Fall snuck up on me. Of cause I sensed the crisp mornings but the warm and sunny afternoons let me ignore everything about it. I postponed admitting that it’s about to become fall as long as I could, but there is actually no good reason for it. I appreciate every season, although I am good Weiterlesen