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sweet and spicy pecans

by Eva Felis on February 1, 2016

A few weeks ago I went to a pop-up market featuring made in US brands. Strolling and tasting my way through this market, I stopped by a booth offering all kinds of roasted pecans. I love everything with nuts and I had to try a few of their samples. Talking to the vendor, she mentioned I should also taste her sweet and spicy pecans, because they were hands down Weiterlesen



caramel pecan cookies

by Eva Felis on December 10, 2015

Did you notice the cookie storm I had been baking lately? We already started last month with oatmeal hazelnut and cranberry cookies had some veggies and other good stuff in between, before we continued with hazelnut-chocolate macaroons, today I am bringing you caramel pecan cookies. This might be this year’s last cookie recipe, but who Weiterlesen



hazelnut-chocolate macaroons

by Eva Felis on December 2, 2015

In the mood for Christmas already anyone? I know it’s about time, but the weather is nicely warm in Atlanta and my mini me inside my head is still talking about pumpkins and fall. I still haven’t set up any holiday decoration, usually I can’t wait for it. Yet I baked these hazelnut-chocolate macaroons, let’s Weiterlesen



pear & poppy seed pudding

by Eva Felis on November 19, 2015

Pear & poppy seed pudding is going to be my life saver today! I have an appointment this afternoon, one of the worst ones. It’s with my dentist and I know for sure he is going to drill the heck out of my tooth. He is a very nice guy, polite and charming. He is Weiterlesen



oatmeal hazelnut and cranberry cookies {gluten free}

by Eva Felis on October 30, 2015

Earlier this week an incident caused a need for these oatmeal hazelnut and cranberry cookies {gluten free}. But let me explain…  A couple of maintenance trucks rolled down the street and stopped right under my window. Soon a few guys jumped out and decorated the street with orange traffic cones. One of them positioned himself Weiterlesen



mini-cheesecakes with hazelnuts and caramelized apples

by Eva Felis on October 8, 2015

The Blue Ridge Mountains just north of Atlanta are my escape into nature, when I need a timeout from the city. The best time of the year for a trip is obviously the apple season. Especially when the leaves start to turn to beautiful colors and fall is on the doorsteps. This year my family Weiterlesen



plum grütze with red wine

by Eva Felis on September 15, 2015

Plums have been one of my favorite fruits for ages. I grew up with two giant plum trees in my backyard and used to climb those trees like a monkey, reckless and almost likewise skilled all year long. Although this is kind of long ago, I still remember those late summers with the opulent plum Weiterlesen



pineapple coconut pie

by Eva Felis on August 19, 2015

I just can’t believe we are already this far into summer. August is this year’s sweetest month, I am still not sick of ice cream (never ever), cakes overtopped with berries have a regular appearance on my plate and I just had an oatmeal chocolate cookie with the size of my head, yes this was Weiterlesen



tipsy black cherry shake

by Eva Felis on July 31, 2015

Sorry kiddos this one is for grown ups only.  Although this tipsy black cherry shake looks innocent like a virgin, it’s boozy. And not overly sweet at all.
Getting into business with this tipsy shakes is like opening Pandora’s box, once you started and there is still vanilla ice cream in the freezer, there will be Weiterlesen



luscious chocolate covered marzipan cake

by Eva Felis on April 3, 2015

Yes another marzipan recipe. Marzipan is my favorite fruit. Sounds nuts? It’s basically made of sugar and almonds and because almonds are the seed of drupes… According to this is marzipan a fruit, at least in my little world. That’s settled!