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Šaltibarščiai – cold pink soup

by Eva Felis on June 30, 2015

We got to shake things up once in a while. Let’s beat the heat of the summer. Let’s cook cold soup. Let’s eat something pink.



lemony red beet and sweet potato soup

by Eva Felis on January 22, 2015

You can’t beat a bowl of hot soup on a cold winter’s day. That’s what they say. Although only the calendar says it’s winter, yet it’s feels like spring in Atlanta these days. I’ll take it and this soup too. If red velvet cake would be a soup, it would be this red beet and Weiterlesen



hot but cold watermelon gazpacho

by Eva Felis on June 26, 2013

When Mr. Wayne Watermelon met Mrs. Tina Tomato, it was love at first sight. They knew, from their heart, they are meant to be as one. Sad but true, not only their parents couldn’t wrap their mind around this relationship, the fruit and vegetable community was doubtful regarding their future. Only Susie Strawberry was jealous, Weiterlesen



chili ramen sauce

by Eva Felis on May 17, 2013

I love to eat what’s in season. Beside other reasons, it just feels and tastes best. Using the example of soup: a steaming bowl of squash soup on an autumn night transforms me from cold to cozy. And a zucchini soup with a generous splash of buttermilk can be the best possible thing that happen Weiterlesen



spinachy mac and cheese soup

by Eva Felis on February 12, 2013

Some people are super heroes and save the world on a daily basis. You can find their stories in comics, books and movies, no big deal. Some people impress us with their skills like steering a greyhound bus with their nose while juggling with fire torches, underwhelming! Here is the thing: my mum makes a Weiterlesen



yellow split pea and sweet potato soup

by Eva Felis on May 15, 2012

The summer in southwest USA can be brutal, hot and humid, I had been told. It’s going to be my first summer down here and I have to admit, saying I am not a fan of this kind of weather is high understated. That’s not me complaining, not at all, since my move in December Weiterlesen




by Eva Felis on January 19, 2012

My mum makes this soup several times in the cold and very cold time of the year and especially every Christmas eve. I planned to continue this tradition, but last Christmas I rather thought about pulling out my shorts, than heating me up from the inside. So I waited patiently for colder weather.
Don’t think of Weiterlesen



tomato red pepper soup

by Eva Felis on November 3, 2011

This is my highest blog post so far, I am writing from above the clouds. The screen in front of me shows 11.887 km / 7.386 miles and we are somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, the Island of Newfoundland just behind us. Assuming that I will survive the just served pasta (why am I punished Weiterlesen



stock powder

by Eva Felis on October 13, 2011

Things I create or just throw together in my kitchen come to me in a few different steps. Sometimes I am just keen on a certain dish I hadn’t eaten in months or I grew up with. This might be called the first level of my cravings, it starts quite innocently but it’s not exactly Weiterlesen



shrimp ramen

by Eva Felis on February 23, 2011

After I encouraged you to try white miso in the miso-sesame vinaigrette I thought I should give you some delicious ideas how to cook with it. Ramen soup is one of my favorite Japanese dishes, it is a broth based soup flavored with miso or soya sauce with Chinese noodles and topped with veggies, fish Weiterlesen