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things to do and places to eat in Charleston, SC

by Eva Felis on January 11, 2016

For weeks we went back and forth about whether or not, we should travel between the holidays. After we decided to stay home, of cause we changed our mind again. Until finally we spontaneously booked a cottage, just steps away of the beach of Isle of Palms, SC and a short car drive away from Weiterlesen



Oahu, turtles and a helicopter … aloha!

by Eva Felis on October 21, 2015

This trip to Hawaii had been an amazing birthday surprise for me and believe me I had no idea! The preparation started months ago, Mr. F asked very casually something like: Who would ever take this long flight to Hawaii (kind of a stupid question don’t you agree?). My answer was: Why, yes! I would Weiterlesen



St. Simons Island is for lovers

by Eva Felis on February 27, 2015

Hello friends! I would like to send you into your weekend with some pictures of my days on St. Simons Island earlier this month. But even if your precious free days are already over and you are sitting at your desk over a cup of almost tolerable coffee… Stay tuned the next weekend is certain Weiterlesen



my eats and drinks in Berlin

by Eva Felis on August 27, 2014

Obviously I took a little summer break from my website and just as well from my kitchen – rather unintended due to the heat. Sorry I kind of sneak out without telling you, the days before my trip had been crazy and the time afterwards had been worst. Where does all this laundry come from? Weiterlesen



travel snapshots: a weekend in the blue ridge mountains

by Eva Felis on September 8, 2013

Come a little bit closer, I going to reveal a secret. Shush! The Southeastern of the US is magnificent. If everyone would know how beautiful the South is, it would be too crowded down here, so we rather keep it as a secret. If you drive less than two hours northbound from Atlanta, you’ll find Weiterlesen



travel snapshots: visiting Germany

by Eva Felis on June 18, 2013

I am back from Germany. Well I am, but my bag is still there. The airline decided, without asking for my opinion, to leave my suitcase behind. I would have been volunteering to stay longer, but as I said, no one asked. How wonderful it would have been to gain more days with my loved Weiterlesen



stuff you should bring home from your trip to Germany

by Eva Felis on May 9, 2013

One of my favorite things about my new home is that it is in walking distance of a place to sit and sip a good coffee. A couple days ago I took my notebook for a stroll and sat down at one of their tables outside in the sun, the weather was just too good Weiterlesen



Notes on NOLA

by Eva Felis on July 27, 2012

The Big Easy had been beckoning for a long time.  As I can’t bear heat very well,  I had never thought about traveling to New Orleans during the summer months and postponed it to fall. But as friends ask us to join them for a trip on the upcoming weekend and promised bad weather, we Weiterlesen



I ate myself through Charleston, SC

by Eva Felis on May 13, 2012

Hello sunshine! It had been a super-duper week in Charleston, SC, and I can’t belief all this is already in the past. We had an exciting time with some necessary relaxing moments. But most of the days, I had been eating, photographing food or tasting everything I could reach. As I am not the lying Weiterlesen



Memphis, teh-nuh-SEE

by Eva Felis on August 30, 2011

First of all I have to admit, I am not comfortable in giving advices about where to go or where to eat. Everyone is different has a different taste, even I like to change my mind about a dish or a restaurant. There are many factors and moods which can influence a critic. But I Weiterlesen