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damson vodka

by Eva Felis on September 17, 2014

The plum season is almost over and I didn’t dare to hope finding damson plums on the farmers market this year. But voilà they had been sitting in a wicker basket, just a few of them. I assumed they had been waiting for me.



white wine sangria with blackberries and rosemary

by Eva Felis on July 25, 2014

A certain sign and kind of proof that I drift from adolescence into adulthood is the change of my taste. Obviously also a change into bad humor, as I should rather say: senility lies in wait. Growing up nothing could be sweet enough and I had been able to eat bags of candies. Nowadays the Weiterlesen



bad reputation

by Eva Felis on June 23, 2014

Some moons ago we celebrated Mr. F’s birthday at Holeman & Finch Public House. We always enjoy their food, in fact they score high on every best burger list nationwide. Today we are not here to talk burger, unfortunately I would love to lay my hands on their recipe…



Iced Pharisäer- a cold hypocrite

by Eva Felis on May 27, 2014

Once upon a time on the little island called Nordstrand in the North Sea someday in the 19th century… A festivity took place, the occasion had been a christening. A peasant called Peter Johannsen had become father for the umpteenth time (historians say it might be the sixth or the seventh?) and he had Weiterlesen



greyhound meets elderflower cocktail

by Eva Felis on April 2, 2014

I obviously missed the peak of grapefruit season by a couple of weeks. Yet it’s never too late for a good recipe and too early for a bracing cocktail. Thus I am right on time somehow…



crema di orancello

by Eva Felis on March 4, 2014

A couple of days ago we celebrated an anniversary. It had been five years since we left Germany to life for the next three years in the USA. Life may be a journey, but the path is not a long and straight stretch of road. And I don’t mind. Wouldn’t it be tedious to have Weiterlesen




by Eva Felis on November 21, 2013

Lately on a girls night out… that’s pushing it a bit, it was a weeknight and nothing about it said party at all, rather catching up with long missed friends, good talks and nice food. But there had been a cocktail, that left a strong impression on me and it wasn’t even mine. I tried Weiterlesen



plum and cinnamon flavored bourbon

by Eva Felis on October 4, 2013

October sneaked in on me, it’s getting colder, even in the South. Although we are blessed with gorgeous weather throughout the day, the nights really cooled off. Yet it’s not the time to give you the fall speech for me, you know… get your blankets out, heat up the fireplace and make yourself some hot Weiterlesen



mango rosemary caiprissimo

by Eva Felis on September 18, 2013

I had been eager to share one of my favorite fall recipes with you. I had been literally waiting for cooler weather, as well plums to show up at farmers markets. I was looking forward to turn on my oven and pull out a fragrant cake. But this doesn’t look like my beloved plum cake Weiterlesen



cherry and cinnamon vodka

by Eva Felis on July 17, 2012

“You are like your mother!” Depending on your mum this could be a compliment or someone is asking for trouble. I like to say this to Mr. F then he shows his ‘gem sensitive’ side. I grew up eating sand in the sandbox as a baby and climbing on trees as soon I could reach Weiterlesen