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Isn’t it always the same? You are holding a wonderful sandwich in your hands and then somebody (your husband/ friend/ sister) comes along and asks for a little bite – just to taste. To make a long story short, it only needs “1 big bite” and half of your sandwich is gone because even the smallest mouth of your little sister can grow to enormous size if it depends on it. And if you grew up in a family, with two sisters and a brother, where everything is about food, like mine, you learn a lot early about hiding, being fast or sharing if you want to or not.

About Eva Felis

If you just look at my food life, I would say I am a European becoming a World eater. Not only because I love to eat what the world has to offer but also I moved from Germany to the United States and after moving up and down the map, I finally ended in Atlanta, GA. I took many local food traditions with me and love everything from kale, BBQ, sweet corn to southern pie (especially the pie).

The most important thing in my opinion is to cook healthy stuff to find a balance between all the chocolate I eat and I am exploring what the whole world has to offer. So in order to keep the calories below 5000 a day I became a hybrid cook and try to get the best mix for my diet.

What I love

I have been fascinated by food for many years now. I use to open my pantry and fridge and cook by using what ever I find. I usually don’t need any recipe, I just need an idea and the courage to try out what matches my taste or go and grab a pizza – if it does not work out in the end.
But I also love to find recipes in cookbooks or on the web and give them a try. I love to shop around for anything related to food and cooking.
I also love: almost every kind of chocolate and cakes, lots of coffee, tea, fresh fruits and good wine.

All recipes and photos are property by 1bigbite.com and myself (Eva Felis) if not mentioned otherwise. Please do not use my photos or text without my permission first. For permission: contact.1bigbiteATgmailDOTcom.

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  1. Just came across your blog. Super Cool!! Hope all is going well and you had a great hodilay. Can’t wait to check back and see what you are crafting.Best Fishes,Nicholas

  2. Hello,

    My name is Leah Rodrigues and I am a contributing editor on Foodista.com. We featured your recipe for Cauliflower and Kale Pie. The post included a photo (crediting 1 Big Bite) with a link to your website for recipe instructions. I did not see a copyright stamp or disclosure on the blog. If for any reason you would like me to delete the post, let me know as soon as possible.

    Thank you,


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