bad reputation

by Eva Felis on June 23, 2014

bad reputation

Some moons ago we celebrated Mr. F’s birthday at Holeman & Finch Public House. We always enjoy their food, in fact they score high on every best burger list nationwide. Today we are not here to talk burger unfortunately, I would love to lay my hands on their recipe… We are talking about a cocktail: the bad reputation.

If you pay a visit to this restaurant and overlook the cocktail menu, you are missing out. In fact you are not just spotting their cocktails listed there, mentioned are also the receipts for each of them, this gives you an idea what your getting into. Did you ever sipped a drink flavored with roses and radishes like their “blood and roses”? I esteem creativity, especially if it tastes so well. However I was smitten by the “bad reputation”, if this cocktail would be a guy, he would be a bearded logger wearing lipstick and a floral shirt, a combination of hard liquor and ladylike features with honeysuckle flower water.

Last weekend I discovered spiced cherry bitters aged in bourbon barrels in a local store called the Preserving Place and I had a bright moment. Let’s put a cherry on top of this bearded logger.

This is no kidding a rather stronger drink, the kind that put hair on your chest but well played down with sweeter accents from elderflower syrup and fruitiness from the cherry bitter and the melting cherries. I love how the cherries slowly bleed out and nicely color the bad reputation.

bad reputation


bad reputation
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Recipe adapted from Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta.
  • 50 ml / 1.5 oz. rum
  • 15 ml / 0.5 oz. bourbon
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 1 tsp. elderflower syrup
  • 1 dash spiced cherry bitters
  • 3 frozen cherries
  • ice cubes, cocktail drink stirrer, bamboo skewer cut in half
  1. Stir the liquids shortly to dissolve the honey. Pour into an old fashioned glass with ice cubes.
  2. For the garnish: spear the cherries with a skewer.
You can find spiced cherry bitters online, but if not available, just substitute with regular aromatic cocktail bitters.


bad reputation



bad reputation


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  1. Mhmm, nice shots and amazing colour, indeed 😉

  2. These photos are beautiful, Eva! I`m not a drinker, but the drinks sure do look pretty enough to drink! :)