by Eva Felis on November 21, 2013


Lately on a girls night out… that’s pushing it a bit, it was a weeknight and nothing about it said party at all, rather catching up with long missed friends, good talks and nice food. But there had been a cocktail, that left a strong impression on me and it wasn’t even mine. I tried a sip and was sold, that was right down my alley.

Ordering cocktails can be tricky, they have names like Yuppidoo and Gogol and don’t let me start on all this sex on/of/at somewhere (never thought I would use that word on my food blog). Neither my imagination nor my taste buds are able to figure out what the heck I am getting, if ordering one of those. And when there are the uber everything ones: too sweet, too boozy, too sour or a combination of all that. The fine print is usually just a list of all ingredients, with no explanation. All hope lies with the knowledge of your server for guiding you through this cocktail scavenger hunt. I have to admit, I tend to fall back on one of my all time favorites more often than I am proud of, save but never sorry.



That might be the reason why I didn’t order the Roshambo at the first place, actually who might thought this one tastes so very good? Yes and here I am coming at you with another cocktail with a weird name. My friend was really enjoying her drink and I stuck with my cocktail, still very good but just the second-best. The challenge was on and I tried to make my own at home last weekend. I have to say all things considered this one is a good one. I think I even improved it, while replacing honey with cinnamon–caramel syrup. It’s one more step, that’s true, but totally worth it and it makes more than enough golden-amber syrup for drizzling over cake and oatmeal or sweetening tea or much more roshambo.

Roshambo is a bubbly, fruity, slightly tart cocktail with a nice sweet balance and warm flavors, ideal for the fall and winter season. Everything comes together very nice and works out great. Comparing with other cocktails definitive on the lower side in regards of alcohol level, no hard liquor involved. I also like the idea of serving this cocktail at one of the upcoming holiday parties, because it’s easy to make in big batches. I am going to prepare a pitcher of already mixed juices with syrup in advance, will keep it chilled and the only thing to do is to combine both liquids: pour the juice mix into the champagne glasses and top with sparkling wine just before serving.







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  1. What a nice cocktail to serve during the holidays…love the color.