plum and cinnamon flavored bourbon

by Eva Felis on October 4, 2013

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October sneaked in on me, it’s getting colder, even in the South. Although we are blessed with gorgeous weather throughout the day, the nights really cooled off. Yet it’s not the time to give you the fall speech for me, you know… get your blankets out, heat up the fireplace and make yourself some hot chocolate. No. No, that’s too soon. But it’s about time to make this liqueur before the plums disappear from the market and it also needs to sit for some weeks to develop the flavor. And you want to be ready when the fall weather kicks in and you need something to sip on to warm up from inside?!

This recipe is quite easy and will only take you a couple of minutes to prepare. The flavored bourbon has a lavish dark purple color and looks alluring in little bottles. I like to keep some around not just for personal use, they are always a welcomed gift. The flavor is fruity, just a little sweet and a kick from the bourbon.

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  1. This remines me of the hot spiced wine that I would get at x-mas time in Bamberg .