hot but cold watermelon gazpacho

by Eva Felis on June 26, 2013


When Mr. Wayne Watermelon met Mrs. Tina Tomato, it was love at first sight. They knew, from their heart, they are meant to be as one. Sad but true, not only their parents couldn’t wrap their mind around this relationship, the fruit and vegetable community was doubtful regarding their future. Only Susie Strawberry was jealous, she had a crush on Mr. Wayne Watermelon since nursery garden days but never told him. In her distress she said mean things like: “If Wayne accidently sits down on Tina, she will be ketchup.”


They had a rough start into their life as a couple. But in spite of the reactions from their families and friends (everyone else thought they don’t have a lot in common) they knew they belong together. Everyone else was not that wrong… Mr. Wayne Watermelon likes it cold and refreshing and spends most of his day in the refrigerator. For this reason Mrs. Tina Tomato was not delighted to move in with him, she knew: she doesn’t belong there. She likes it spicy and hot, fire roasted hot to be precise.

“What’s meant to be will always find a way.” (Trisha Yearwood)

And they found a way to maneuver around their challenges and soon after their marriage, became a happy family. Their first-grown was Paco (Red Bell) Paprika, followed by Olga (Green) Onion and baby Lisa Lemon. Together they are the Gazpachos and they are here to feed you on a hot summer day. And they lived happily together until…




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  1. Darling, the cutest story for ages! I love it! I would love to meet them all!
    Hugs, Sandy

  2. What a lovely story !! And same like Sandy, I have to meet them all, even if it will end in a “meet and eat” 😉
    Liebste Grüße, Eva

  3. …für Kinder und romantische Erwachsene… So hääärzig wie der Schweizer sagen würde. :-)

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