potato and tomato salad with gremolata dressing

by Eva Felis on May 2, 2013

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Once upon a time I wished I were a princess. No never the queen, ladies with this job description have kind of a bad reputation. I guess there had been too much Grimm’s fairy stories in my early youth where the queen tent to be evil and demanding the princess’ heart. Lucky me becoming a princess never turned out… Growing up I also wished for white Christmas and I wished for endless ice cream.  Then I wished for becoming a famous rock star but cancelled that early on due to my stage fright.

My childhood wishes sound pretty much unrealistic and hard to become true, but that’s also the problem with my grown up wish: finally becoming organized.  Last week had been challenging. Isn’t it always the case just before leaving for vacation? I thought I had it all figured out, but my schedule had been turned upside down due to some switched appointments and I had been running all day to get everything done. It’s a mystery but working Eva is so much different, organized, accurate and dead on time. I am living proof for two extremes in one person, my inner organized genius being in conflict with my chaotic other half of the brain. So please tooth fairy, genie in a bottle or Santa Claus in future make me finish the laundry in time, so I can stuff my favorite shirt in my suitcase, make me buy deodorant (it makes all the difference) and let me go to the post office earlier, so they don’t close the door in front of my nose.  And please make me pack my bag in time, so I don’t have to do it just before leaving and forget my toothbrush again. Thanks. That’s all for now.

This potato salad was the last meal I made at home before leaving for our road trip to Washington DC. The salad holds up very well until the next day. Actually that was my plan, taking the leftovers with me on the trip, but there was nothing left. It’s so much different from a German potato salad I grew up on and still love so much. But it is also much healthier, less work, easier and faster. This is a great potato salad for picnics, BBQ parties and office lunches, no mayonnaise therefor no problem if not being stored in a fridge for a long while. Actually it tastes best eaten at room temperature, marinated for some time.

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  1. Hey, der ist superlecker. Gibt es bei uns im Sommer oft, weil man auch beliebig viel anderes Gemüse hinzufügen kann und er trotzdem so schnell geht. Merci für die gute Erinnerung an sommerlich leichtes Essen – geht nämlich auch ohne denselbigen. :-) LG Freya

  2. How many does this serve?

    • Well it depends…
      I would say as a main dish 2 servings and as a side dish 4 servings.
      You an easily double the recipe.

  3. Suuper lecker! Probiers mal mit weißen Bohnen. Das ist der hammer! und als tip für die, die die kartoffeln vorkochen oder noch welche übrig haben.. einfach das dressing kurz aufkochen oder wteas frisch erhitzte brühe zufügen. dann ziehen die kartoffel (und bohnen 😉 besser der geschmack! tolles rezept! sollte nocht alles gleich gegessen werden, dann halte ich immer noch etwas dressing auf vorrat bereit, da die kartoffeln meist stark aufsaugen und das ganze gefahr läuft trocken zu werden..
    wünsch dir nen bald kommen und tollen sommer! dein blog ist die entdeckung des tages! kompliment!