chili ramen sauce

by Eva Felis on May 17, 2013

untitled (1 of 1)I love to eat what’s in season. Beside other reasons, it just feels and tastes best. Using the example of soup: a steaming bowl of squash soup on an autumn night transforms me from cold to cozy. And a zucchini soup with a generous splash of buttermilk can be the best possible thing that happen to me while starving on a hot summer day.

One exception is ramen soup, it has no season or it is rather at home in every season because it adapts without much ado. I don’t want to offend any Chinese and Japanese cooks, I am afraid they are very serious about their noodle soup, but I have to admit I kind of might break every rule in this matter. The reason for that is not me being ignorant, it is how I approach this broth soup. For me it is fast food, easy to make with what I have on my hands and I can make it as healthy as I want. By the way if you haven’t got it until now… I am not talking about the instant version of ramen soup where you pour hot water over MSG.

For me it is fast food because I can enjoy a nice meal in about 10 minutes. And I don’t really care about dashi or not dashi, red or white miso, should be used. I buy noodles by the kilo, the rest is mainly leftovers or already in my refrigerator. And I am not afraid to use (organic) granulated soup, less waste and less weight to carry. The other thing that makes this so easy for me is the chili ramen sauce I discovered in the Wagamama cookbook. I tweaked this to my liking and love my ramen soup even more.chili ramen sauce-328-2

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