leek and pancetta quiche

by Eva Felis on April 24, 2013

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Did I brag about our sunny weather here in the South East last time? I did and I won’t take it back even it is raining right now and drops are falling on my window. A spring shower gives me a break from the sun. My belly asks for comfort food and my mind for a hot bath tub with fragrant foam. Carpe diem the rare days of suitable weather for cozy me-time.

Do you remember the days of your childhood when your mum served a wonderful meal (after she spend hours in the kitchen) and you grabbed the ketchup bottle and covered everything under a red blanket? Yes guilty as charged and I finally got the payback. This quiche is not a big deal of work but I wanted to get the flavors right and headed to the store to buy pancetta and goat cheese. But as we sat down at the table Mr. F asked for ranch dressing… Can you believe that?

Quiches, tarts and pies make their weekly appearance in my kitchen. I love them all no matter if sweet or savory. I have to admit most of them are sweet. This one is a classic, oldie but goodie, and suitable for a rainy day treat or enjoying with guests. Although the goat cheese is not dominant at all, you can easily substitute with cream cheese. Enjoy!

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  1. What a mouthwatering yummy recipe!! Ok, I have to admit I am a big leek-lover, but somehow I eat it just too seldom. Therefore thanks a lot for sharing this oldie but goodie :)
    Herzlichste Grüße,

  2. I saw your recipe on TheKitchn.com the other day and made it for dinner last night (with a few mushrooms thrown in for good measure). I loved the crust, and using cream cheese instead of milk or cream for a richer custard. It’s a keeper for sure. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Betsy
      I am glad you like it! Mushrooms are an great idea, I have to try it next time.

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