hazelnut streusel loaf cake

by Eva Felis on January 29, 2013

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It’s been a while since my last post. And the one before had also been later than usually. This is not me moaning and telling you I have a creative break down or I lost my writing juices. In fact my creativity is overwhelming recently and I wrote several brilliant posts but just in my head. You may wonder what I am up to and I will tell you.

I am painting! Watercolor or oil painting? Nope wall paint in fact. We are going to move into an old but nearly new place in Atlanta, which needs some tender loving care. I omit the jacuzzi and the walk in refrigerator but I still have a long list of wishes unfortunately every budget has a limit. DIY painting sounded like a good option to save some bucks for fulfilling some of my dreams from my wish list. So far I am happy with the results. Some of those days I would rather sit in a cubicle, sipping coffee and hide for a while, rather than rolling, rolling and rolling color all over the walls. But at the end, seeing a day’s work makes me appreciate my future home even more. Even if I fell asleep way too early, missing out reading time for books and blogs and taking pictures.

And where went all the genius blog post in my head? Gone! Maybe scrubbed away with all the paint on my hands, face and hair. But after I got knocked out at night, there is nothing left of them next morning. Some might think they had never been real, I know better.

In fact cooking and food had been on the back bench for some weeks. I am still eating, good lord eating is not the right word, renovating makes me inhaling whole cows. But I haven’t thought about food that much, usually I have food on my mind all day long, I mean all day, every hour, every minute. One of the rare occasions I was not attached to a paint roller, searching for perfect toilet bowls or looking for a tile that I might still love in a couple of years, I went for cookbook shopping. Yes I still haven’t found a cure for that. I came across Home Baked Comfort  (William Sonoma) by Kim Laidlaw. It was the title that let me grab it, so inviting and magnetic. Paint came into my way again and I saved the first reading until I knew I would have heaps of time and not be interrupted. The first time is the best, don’t you thing? So it took a while but after I finished, a great deal of colorful bookmarks decorated the top of the book. Although I already know baking all of them would be a 500.000 calories journey, I started with hazelnut streusel bread (page 62) and changed it to my liking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. That looks Yummy! I’m going to have to try it sometime.

  2. Painting does make you tired! This loaf cake looks wonderful! Something I`ll see at Starbucks or a coffee shop. :)

    • Hello Lynna
      You bet! Painting makes you tired and hungry. 😉
      You are right it is one of those all day breakfast through dessert loafs, just sweet enough…

  3. Oh, das kommt mir sehr bekannt vor mit den bereits im Kopf fertig geschriebenen Posts, die dann aber plötzlich weg sind, wenn ich sie aufschreiben will… 😮

    Auf jeden Fall wünsch ich dir noch gutes Vorankommen beim Renovieren! Und weißt du was, die Bilder von dem Nusskuchen haben mich grad regelrecht in meine Kinderzeit gebeamt. Da gabs nämlich sehr oft Nusskuchen, der auf jeden Fall deinem sehr ähnlich sah. Ob er auch ähnlich schmeckte, werde ich nun vermutlich demnächst herausfinden :)

    Herzliche Grüße, Eva

    • Hallo Eva!
      Ja ne? Die besten Ideen habe ich nachts, am naechsten Morgen ist es dann Bloedsinn oder vergessen (oder beides). 😉

      Nusskuchen mit Schokoglasur ist auch einer meiner ersten selbstgebackenen Kuchen. ❤

  4. Hey Eva,
    mal was anderes: Ich find das Layout Deines Blogs wird immer besser. Es hat sich viel verändert in den letzten Monaten – finden wir super!

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