cranberry and apple tart with coconut streusel

by Eva Felis on November 17, 2012

I never got the right understanding about cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. We never connected well. Come on it’s a berry, although I never would put a raw cranberry in my mouth (never again, I learned it the hard way) I consider a cranberry as something sweet or at least in the category for sweet stuff. And don’t get me started with another Thanksgiving variation: sweet potatoes, which I adore and eat at least once a week but topped with marshmallows, no thanks, I’ll pass. Yes that’s me saying this and I am the one who loves baked camembert with lingonberry jam. This lady is full of contradictions. Maybe not even a lady, maybe I just get tangled up in contradictions.

Anyway I am sucker for fresh and seasonal food and get excited about most of the farmers market finds and that includes cranberries too. These days you can find them everywhere, tempting bright red and yet tart. They are a great source of vitamin C and fiber and a lot more good stuff. Hence cranberries are very healthy and not just beautiful in a sauce. Today they come in company with just a few sour apple pieces, together they are a nice tart contrary to the buttery of the crust and sweetness of the streusel. If you don’t have any apples on hand, don’t bother, just skip them.

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  1. Klingt lecker, auch ohne die Äpfel. Hier gibt`s Cranberrysaft von Oceanwave oder so ähnlich – klingt wie ne Toilettenreinigermarke, schmeckt aber sogar. :-)

    • 😀 Gibt’s hier auch, das mit dem Toilettenreiniger ist mir so noch nicht aufgefallen…

    • Too bad the bad cranberry sauce from a can tatess so good. I remember that you thought as a kid that was the best part of Thanksgiving dinner and went for the cranberry sauce first. It’s great to know another option for healthier cranberry sauce. Will love having it and everything else that goes with it as you prepare it. Life is an adventure!!! xoxoxoxox

  2. …wär`s mir wohl auch nicht, wenn nicht sogar die Flasche optisch so aussehen würd….;-)

  3. This tart looks gorgeous! I wanna make it, just so I can look at it. I don`t get cranberry sauce either. But, that may be because I`ve never had it during a Thanksgiving meal before.

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