roasted cauliflower and kale pie with potato crust

by Eva Felis on November 1, 2012

We survived Halloween! Everything went fast. Everything! Unbelievable fast. This time I was well prepared, there is not much to do anyway. Get a load of candies, put everything in a bowl, wait for the door bell. I make it short, we all know the process. Do we? I have to admit I felt a little weakly and lousy like an incipient cold yesterday. I bundled up on the couch, took a nap and let our dog greet the kids and Mr. F took care of the candy bowl. I had been looking forward for Halloween and was a little disappointed to miss out all the fun and the costumes. Only half an hour later Mr. F called for a refill of the bowl. Refill? That was all, how did that happen so fast? I rushed into the kitchen wrapped a muffin, which I made earlier and handed it to the little princess in front of our door. Well she was not happy with her treat, she said a well-behaved ‘thank you’. I couldn’t make it more appealing with mentioning it’s a pumpkin muffin. Even whole wheat flour didn’t make her eyes sparkle. I don’t blame her. Behind the closed door I searched for the reason of our candy problem. Mr. F said I wouldn’t believe how this kids snatched as many treat as they could grab with both hands. Little monsters! Indeed some looked like zombies and we are lucky they were after sweets not our brains. So he just didn’t handed one candy per child he offered the whole bowl and let them self service. Seriously he is a smart guy,  how could this happen, what a rookie mistake!

Maybe I should offer some of this pie next Halloween, I will definitively scare some little monsters away with kale and cauliflower. Lately we had a lot savory pie, quiche or tart, they are easy to make, great for office lunch and wait for you in fridge to be warmed up for a fast dinner. This one is made with a potato crust, the recipe is basically for Reibekuchen (potato fitter) which has to prebake anyway, so I roasted the cauliflower because veggies are better roasted and added more flavor with garlic, ginger and cumin.

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  1. Wow, I want to dig in right now! Great recipe, Eva and wonderful clicks!
    greets, Sandy

  2. Looks delicious!

  3. I really need to try a savory pie! I`m not a big fan of cauliflower…but you make it look good!

  4. Hier tun sich grad ganz neue Welten für mich auf :) Denn als Bewohnerin einer Gegend, sprich Oldenburg, in der Grünkohlfahrten im Winter sozusagen an der Tagesordnung sind, hätte ich an diese Art der Zubereitung so gar nicht gedacht. Plus dass mir jetzt schon das Wasser im Munde zusammenläuft!!

    • Hallo Eva!
      Ja ja ne!? Ich weiss auch nicht warum, aber wenn ich mich an Gruenkohl von zu Hause erinnere, ist es immer zerkocht. Dabei schmeckt er mir roh im Salad noch viel besser.

  5. I love cauli and potato together and this pie looks fantastic!

  6. This looks absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to make it!!!

  7. I love kale and cauliflower so I can’t wait to make this! It will be great to have as a meatless dinner for a couple of nights….

  8. what a beautiful recipe! made it last night and it was phenomenal :)
    even the boyfriend who dislikes cauliflower ate it all up!

  9. Saw this on pinterest and had to link over because I knew I would love it. And I do!

  10. What temp did you bake everything at? I’d love to try to make this this weekend! Thanks

  11. This was really delicious and easy to make! The boyfriend wasn’t too excited about the kale but I really enjoyed the flavors =)

  12. I am absolutely in love with your photography style!

  13. Can sweet potatoes be subsituted?

    • I haven’t tried it but I would rather say no, because sweet potatoes don’t have enough starch to hold the crust together.
      But please let me know if you have tried it.

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