brown butter and hazelnut scones

by Eva Felis on November 8, 2012

Yesterday I was pretty proud about my workout. Today I walk as elegant as a cowboy after a long day on his horse’ back. My muscles are soar and it takes me double the time to get up from a chair. Let me tell you about my gym, now that I am about to move soon, I kind of look at thinks with a different eye.  First on the way there I have to pass a school, so I make sure not to hit the road at arrival or departure time of hundred of small kids with their crazy mums. If there wouldn’t be two policemen and a school crossing guard dealing with the traffic, I don’t know how anyone could survive this chaos. In case I left the school behind me and I am still willing to drive further to the gym, a higher force is testing me again. I can see my favorite pie shop on the right and the temptation is strong to pull over and get a slice of fruity or creamy pie. But (mostly) I am strong and reach the gym finally. Holding my key tag under the scanner an enthusiastic computer voice wishes me: “have a great workout”. It’s so stupid, kind and mean on the same time. I am so sorry for the nice guys working there and hearing this all day long. The next thing I notice, is the burned coffee smell. Especially in the morning this place is a meeting point for senior citizens and this gang likes to hang out, chat and have a cuppa. It is a cozy atmosphere but the coffee smell hits me like a punch in the face (nose). The black water is simmering for a very long time until bitter and lacking any flavor. Though I am not sure if there had been any in the first place.

I head downstairs while passing the squash courts and a mixed smell of testosterone, sport shoes and good old men sweet creeps up my nose. I instinctively start mouth breathing and walk faster, it is the only survival strategy that works.  Finally I arrive at the treadmill. Sometimes I run like a young god, but sometimes you know…

I am not very sporty, I’ve never been. If it wouldn’t be for health reasons I don’t believe I would workout just for fun, that’s for sure. Biking and all that fun sport is a different chapter, that me like.  After a good workout in the morning, I surely deserve a nice brown butter  and hazelnut scone with a hot cup of coffee, freshly brewed of cause.

I know we had a lot brown butter lately and even the brown butter and hazelnut combination as a granola, but why change a winning team? I could bath in brown butter and hazelnuts are my favorite.

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  1. Brown butter makes everything good. LOL. :) What lovel scones.

  2. These sound wonderful! I love the addition of hazelnuts.