sand cake with nuts and a little rum

by Eva Felis on October 25, 2012

This cake was made for traveling. We had been on the road again and I was looking for a treat, that would keep us going behind the steering wheel for so many hours. Although chocolate cake is my favorite, it is not safe for car seats and pants and causes smudgy fingers. Chocolate is a no go, especially if you have a limited amount of pants in your bag and I don’t have to tell you how chocolate cake crumbs look on a bud. I was in need for a good alternative and remembered an old fashioned German recipe, yes stolen borrowed from my mums folder.

This cake is sandy, flavorful and tastes even better every next day. The rum is just there to complete the nuts and I couldn’t t even taste it, though I knew it was in it. If you don’t like it, substitute with what you have on hand. But that’s on your own risk, I wouldn’t change a thing. On the nut side, go nuts with those nuts, swap with whatever you like.

In other exciting news: we are moving again. If I would count the times I moved in the last six years, I would need my second hand. Our road trip was not just for fun, it was also or mainly to experience our future home town. Where to life is our first concern. Oh I forgot to tell you, we are moving to Atlanta, GA. Please help me out with tips for restaurants (yes I already had been to Cakes & Ale, awesome!), places needed to be visited, things needed to be done and seen. So if you have anything to say about Atlanta, please leave a comment, it might be helpful for me and many other readers.

The hotel we stayed in, was just some blogs away from Piedmont Park. I love to share some snapshots, I took on the green market last Saturday. It was one of the perfect days: sunny weather, live music, amazing vendors with a wide range of choices, families on blankets, enjoying picnics, playing frisbee and meeting friends.

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  1. This cake looks wonderful. I hope your moving plans won`t be too stressful! :)

    • After all this moving in the last couple of years, I would say: I am a moving pro! :)
      But who am I kidding, it is going to be stressful… We know that.

  2. You must go to flip burger boutique in Atlanta! Best burgers and fries I’ve ever had =]

  3. Cake looks wonderful! Booze always does wonders for a cake!
    Good luck with your move. Your pictures of Atlanta are beautiful. We are not too terribly far from Atlanta but can’t remember the last time we went there. Keep meaning to drive down there for a weekend but we always get so busy :(

  4. Hallo Eva – ich bin von Sandy hier rüber gehüpft. ich habe auch viele Jahre in California gelebt und bin nun wieder in Germany. Den Sandkuchen gab es früher auch immer bei meiner Mutter! Wunderbar – und Du hast recht, wenn er erstmal durchgezogen ist, schmeckt er noch besser…Ich bin leider nicht so der grosse Bäcker aber ich schau jetzt mal durch Dein schönes Blog…Liebe Grüße, Anette

  5. I may have to try that cake, it looks yummy! Enjoyed your pictures of Atlanta, looks like you found some fun places! Good luck house hunting, we’ll be in touch….

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