Caribbean pear coconut cake

by Eva Felis on October 11, 2012

“On the first day of Christmas
My true love gave to me
A partridge in a pear tree”

Most of you know this old Christmas song, I know it’s not yet the time for it. Though I had my last dinner in a restaurant while listening to jingle bells, odd enough. Some days ago my true love went to Germany and Spain and back home he gave me German cooking magazines. One of them is dedicated and packed with mouth watering recipes for apples and pears. No partridge in a pear tree but I would love to have such a tree and bake all the nice treats in this magazine.

That’s not all Mr. F brought home from his recent trip to Europe. He also arrived with an over a week long jet-lag. Which was the cause for: “are you still asleep?” at night times. What kind of question is that anyway? At 3 am? I don’t wanna sound like a sissy, but not enough sleep makes me sluggish and I don’t even want to mention the other side-effects. Spending one week overtired and exhausted was let’s say challenging. Concluding I have to say this bunch of cooking magazines came with a high price tag for my well-being,  but totally worth in view of bringing some Caribbean treats into our autumn days. And I am able to share this cake with my true love and two great friends who are coming all the way from Kansas City to visit us!

One of my favorite German cooking magazines is Lust auf Genuss unfortunately not available here in the US (or not that I know of). My mum is collecting all issues for me and every time someone makes the way over the ocean, I get a stack of magazines. It’s not that we are traveling every week to Europe so I get most of the issues when they are out of season. Autumn arrives some weeks later here in mid south and that’s the reason why 09/12  “Äpfel & Birnen” (apples and pears) is just in time and it’s one of the best issues to far. I had been slobbering all over the pictures and finally decides it has to be the Caribbean pear cake. I don’t own a 26 cm springform pan and just ‘downsized’ the recipe to fit in my 24 cm pan. I also swapped starch from the original recipe for whole wheat flour, which made the texture more rustic.

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  1. I am in love with your clicks! Wonderful Eva! I have the issue pears&apples too and there are lots of nice recipes in it.
    Hugs, Sandy

  2. Hallo Eva,
    wieder einmal tolle Fotos!! Lust auf Genuss kannte ich gar nicht. Aber nachdem, was ich hier jetzt gelesen habe, werde ich demnächst die Zeitschriftenregale in der Nachbarschaft durchforsten :-)
    Liebe Grüße von deiner Namensvetterin

    • Hallo Eva :)
      Lust auf Genuss ist auf jeden Fall einen Blick wert. Liest du auch Kochzeitschriften? Welche?
      Von hier aus ist es schwer einen Ueberblick zu behalten.

  3. ….und keinesfalls zu früh für Weihnachtslieder & Co. Hier gibt es schon wieder seit Mitte August Dominosteine, Zimtsterne, Lebkuchen in den Läden und seit zwei Wochen auch entsprechende Deko. Man kann nie früh genug anfangen… 😉

    • LOL schon klar. Ich wuenschte hier gaebe es Dominosteine.
      Na wie oft am Tag laeuft denn bei dir Wham! Last Christmas? 😀

      • Oh nein, und schon hab ich den Ohrwurm und werd ihn nicht mehr los. Gestern abend hab ich sogar schon Lust auf Glühwein gehabt. Es weihnachtet sehr. 😉

  4. This cake looks absolutely devine!