by Eva Felis on October 31, 2012

If you get frightened easily or I even spooked you with my headline, please go and leave this post. Oh boy! Halloween must be the worst time of the year for you. I grew up in Germany celebrating carnival and dressing up as a cat (we all had been cats at some point in our lives), car mechanic, sheriff and I figured out easily which neighbor had the best treats. Oh those memories! Though I miss Rosenmontag, since I moved to the states, Halloween is starting to grow on me. Thinking back I can’t believe how naive I had been, dressing up and eating candies is not all, but scaring the heck out of someone certainly is. I would say I am a peace-loving person with some exceptions: I always loved British black humor, I watch scary movies without covering my eyes and I don’t mind blood as long it’s not mine. This might be the reasons or despite all that why I love the more the better frightening Halloween time.

Beside Christmas I usually don’t go overboard with decoration. For Halloween I place my ghost at the front door, his name is Fred and I would show you a picture of him, but you know, you can’t photograph a ghost. I admire all the cemeteries in my neighbors front yards and their carved pumpkins. For me it is important not to go shopping for baits treats too early, I would start eating them on my own and the poor kids won’t get any.

Soon the sun goes down, say farewell to your children and send them over to Fred, he will take care of them. My house is at the end of the street, behind the high wall. No you will see you and you won’t be heard back here.

I’ll be back with a new recipe tomorrow, maybe meatballs or what would you make with fresh tender meat? (followed by frightening laughter, yes you have to do it on your own…).

Happy Halloween ya’ll!

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  1. Don’t hide behind the door again when I’m coming home….