not the classic sgroppino

by Eva Felis on June 28, 2012

Some of my favorite treats evolved from traditional recipes, they are twisted and tweaked until they fit my taste buds. But most likely I simply have to change some ingredients, it’s necessary if you are for example out of caviar (happens to me all the time). And not to forget, being creative while cooking is also a lot of fun. The downside of converting my kitchen into a cooking laboratory, sometimes it happens and I have to clean a load of dirty dishes without a satisfying outcome, scary things can happen in my kitchen.

And here comes another classic with a twist, a perfect summer drink, this is not the ordinary sgroppino but what is ordinary when you talk about sgroppino? The main and as far I know, only ingredients are lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. Oh and one mint leave for decoration would be nice. Let’s start with vodka, it makes my head spin in this hot weather, honestly these temperatures make me skip the hard stuff, so I didn’t even thought about putting it in my recipe. Lemon sorbet wasn’t available in my freezer but orange sorbet did such a great job, I didn’t miss the lemons at all. Prosecco? The label on my bottle said: made in California, so not a natural born prosecco I guess. Any bubbly, dry or very dry white wine will do the job.  And the strawberries? Well they shouldn’t be in a sgroppino but I invited them to this party and they are going to stay.

I know you are an attentive reader and might remember as I talked about my lacking computer skills several times before?! What is the thing about java at all? However I managed the “subscribe via email” widget and I am so happy and proud about myself. Actually it was not that difficult at the end…. So please sign up: look to the right, write your email and hit the “join” button. Make us both happy! And then celebrate with a sgroppino, you’ve really earned it!


2 servings

Champagne glass (flute) would be great but any other with a similar size would do the job.

I use a cookie scoop because these glasses tend to be too narrow for a regular ice scoop.


5 strawberries (about a good handful)

4 small scoops orange sorbet

nicely chilled prosecco or other dry sparkling wine


Wash, remove stalks and puree the strawberries. Put in the freezer for 5 minutes. Then distribute it evenly in two glasses.

Top with two scoops of orange sorbet for each glass and fill-up with prosecco, it will foam very much, pour slowly. Serve immediately with straws or long spoons or both.

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  1. Love this recipe! Thanks for sharing.