mango and lime curd

by Eva Felis on April 27, 2012

mango and lime curd

I am bursting with anticipation! Next week Mr F and myself are on vacation in Charleston, SC. I am counting the days, literally. But before I am ready to leave, I got to implement a long to-do list. Actually this list would be easy manageable, if I wouldn’t load it up with stupid ideas. I am kind of weird about leaving my home for traveling, I have to tidy up the house and make all the laundry. I think it’s just I don’t want to deal with all this stuff after I return and stay on vacation mode for a few more days. But it makes me rotate around myself right now and who cares about whipped floors not even a burglar (ok my mom would).

mango and lime curd

In order to get rid of my overripe mangoes, I made the mango and lime curd I found on Emma’s blog: my darling lemon thyme. This curd is kind of nasty, be aware, you try one spoon and you can’t stop “tasting” it. I have great plans for it and I am really looking forward to drizzle it over pancakes or into yogurt. The recipe is well written and easy, but be a little carefully while tempering the eggs. I don’t know if even necessary, but I added some spoons of the warm mango mixture to the eggs, stirred well and repeated this twice, before I poured the eggs into the pan, worked great! The other thing: I started with very fine mesh strainer and switched to a coarse colander because I had a hard time to press the curd into my jars. Oh and I ended up with nearly 1 3/4 balls jars (a 12 oz.), I could have easily filled them both, if I wouldn’t had eaten most of it… You can find the recipe for Emma’s mango and lime curd and her beautiful blog my darling lemon thyme.

I made this pictures some weeks ago in my garden and love to share them with you:

Above is our Lily, she is hungry most of the time and this is her feed me look. Below is a turtle who visited us for a couple of days, he is a wild guy, if you can say that about a turtle… I mean he is not a pet.

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  1. I love curd, all things citrusy sing to my taste buds. Love, love, love this. Have a great time on vacation, I’m quite jealous!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! I’m so glad you enjoyed my recipe and I love that yours comes with a warning too. Most of my curd was eaten straight from the spoon, you know… tasting :-)
    Enjoy your holiday xx

  3. Lovely pictures as usual. And this curd really makes me drool!