pineapple coconut pie

by Eva Felis on August 19, 2015

coconut-pineapple pie

I just can’t believe we are already this far into summer. August is this year’s sweetest month, I am still not sick of ice cream (never ever), cakes overtopped with berries have a regular appearance on my plate and I just had an oatmeal chocolate cookie with the size of my head, yes this was lunch. Kale, who are you? See you in autumn. It’s my birthday at the end of August and I indulge everything about this time of the year: sunflowers, peaches, pies and garden parties, just to name a few off the top of my head. Read more >>


tipsy black cherry shake

by Eva Felis on July 31, 2015

tipsy cherry shake

Sorry kiddos this one is for grown ups only.  Although this cherry shake looks innocent like a virgin, it’s boozy. And not overly sweet at all.
Getting into business with this tipsy shakes is like opening Pandora’s box, once you started and there is still vanilla ice cream in the freezer, there will be no end. No fruit will be save anymore. Don’t get me started on what you can do to a shot of espresso, dark rum and a splash of caramel sauce. Would you prefer vanilla or coffee or caramel ice cream? Or maybe Frangelico hazelnut liqueur with chocolate ice cream topped with pan roasted hazelnuts? You can find boozy shakes on the menu of several restaurants all over Atlanta. The reason might be simple as it is, they are so good and will blow your mind, I mean your taste buds. There is a nice place just next to the Piedmont Park, serving a shake à la Elvis with peanut butter, banana and whiskey. That’s a square meal.
Remember those days, where you had to pick between either a dessert or a drink after dinner? This shake is the perfect symbiosis, shake and booze are in a relationship and together they are creamy and rich, fruity and tangy and a little tipsy.  Get your blender out!
tipsy cherry shake-7911



july favorites

by Eva Felis on July 24, 2015

july roundup-1500

Hey guys!

Let’s just go ahead and blame the heat for me sitting here and staring holes into the wall, while I actually should take care of unpopular stuff like work. My mind has a mind of it’s own and I have been walking around in my daydreams. Certainly thinking about food, last year’s recipe for raspberry-marzipan coffee cake – loved the flavors, what would be the best substitute for the AP flour? Hm, I have to figure this out next weekend. That’s for sure… Read more >>


nonni – orange liqueur and prosecco cocktail

by Eva Felis on July 20, 2015

orange liqueur-prosseco cocktail-nonni (2 of 8)

One of Henry James’ famous quotes is: “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Add “happy hour-happy hour” to this and you have my favorite idea of summer afternoons. It has become a thing around my house to have a Friday-afternoon-hell-yeah-it’s-weekend cocktail on the porch. It’s one of my favorite hours, not just because of the cocktail. There is just this beauty in sitting down, talking, shaking off the work week and making plans for the weekend. Read more >>


Šaltibarščiai – cold pink soup

by Eva Felis on June 30, 2015

red beet soup


We got to shake things up once in a while. Let’s beat the heat of the summer. Let’s cook cold soup. Let’s eat something pink. Read more >>


BBQ Sauce

by Eva Felis on June 16, 2015

bbq sauce


In the last couple of weeks I had a fair share of grilled food, insanely much more than usually. Obviously one of the reasons is (needless to mention reasons, but just for the sake of it), it’s the time of the year where you try anything not to heat up the house.  Although cakes and cookies are a reasonable exemption of this rule, I tried to avoid cranking up the oven and cooking outside makes very much more sense and for sure extra fun. However the main reason is the food is always better no matter, if you fire up some veggies or meats or even fruits. If you put some BBQ sauce on it, it’s even more amazing (doesn’t go well with fruit through).



quickly pickled radishes

by Eva Felis on May 29, 2015

pickled radishes

I am jump-starting today’s post with a disclaimer, pickled radishes evolve from all white with a red rim into bright raspberry pink. They get prettier hour by hour.



spicy grilled chicken drumsticks

by Eva Felis on May 22, 2015

grilled spicy chicken drumsticks

If it comes right down to barbecuing, I am out. Through I don’t believe in traditional assignment of roles, I didn’t even light this grill outside once. One part is I am happy to entrust this duty to Mr. F and the other is, he even loves it. I also assume his concern is, if I ever get a saying about his grill business, he sees fish and veggies more often than steaks on his plate.



rosy strawberry cooler

by Eva Felis on May 12, 2015

rosy strawberry cooler - 1 Big Bite
For the last month my life’s motto would be this quote from Erich Kästner: “You can build something beautiful from stones that are put in your way.” He was one of my favorite authors growing up and still is – still growing up. I wrote down his quote on a slip of paper and put it in my purse. Whenever I needed a reminder to don’t give up, I just check back on this note, because it’s too easy to not withstand or fight back. The last couple of weeks had been a whirlwind and the main reason why I wasn’t able to post something is: I moved again. And a crazy me announced prior to that: I love moving, everything is different and exciting and… I guess no one is ever quoting me. This move changed my mind about this kind of adventure: it is horrible, be prepared for the worst. But I made it and it became just another stone.  I am still looking for my stuff but the kitchen is up and running now and there are some interesting recipes coming your way.



Turkish turkey meatballs

by Eva Felis on April 14, 2015

turkish turkey meatballs

I have never been to Turkey but always wanted to visit. Istanbul is on top of my list. My affection for this country started with my best friend growing up, because her parents were from Turkey. Read more >>